segunda-feira, 8 de novembro de 2010

contratos 1000, divida 0

On Sunday, Hu presided over the signing of trade agreements and deals on infrastructure, logistics, renewable energy and tourism projects worth $1 billion with Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates. The two sides agreed to work to double their bilateral trade by 2015. "We are willing to take concrete measures to help Portugal cope with the global financial crisis," Hu said. Analysts said that Chinese investment will help revive one of the European Union's frailest economies. Portugal - like France, where Hu spent three days - rolled out the red carpet for the Chinese leader, with ceremonial activities to convey a warm welcome.
Portugal está em 77º lugar nas importações da China, com 222M€, e em 65º, como importador de 1.1M€ de artigos chineses.
Interessante uma resposta "chinesa", a Basilio Horta, que havia referido que Beijing podia beneficiar de uma gateway to Europe and to other Portuguese-speaking countries:
China has already developed relations over the years with such countries, notably Brazil and Angola. China's trade with Lusophone countries has boomed, exceeding $58.5 billion between January and August this year, but its trade with Portugal is still very low.
Parece que em dinheiros para a "divida" ficámos em branco! Vamos ver o que dá o Forum China-Portugal, em 14-15 de Novembro, onde estará o 1º Ministro Chinês. Talvez venha "algum". O nosso primeiro, de mão estendida á esmola, vai a caminho...

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