segunda-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2016

…e os juros a 10 anos atingiram os 3,88%

“como é possível que se esteja a repetir o quadro macroeconómico que nos levou ao pedido de ajuda internacional em 2011?” pergunta-se Nicolau Santos no Expresso.
Com isto percebe-se! Mas é preciso saber ler…
The programme quickly started to bear fruit. Exports started growing faster than the euro area average, as the economy became more competitive. A two-digit current account deficit was erased. The budget deficit shrank, and growth resumed. Portugal was able to issue bonds again, and successfully exited the programme in June 2014.

Portugal’s new government, which came into office in late 2015, has started to reverse some of the measures taken during its EFSF programme. Creditors are monitoring carefully whether this will hurt Portugal’s competitiveness, and its fiscal situation. (in PROGRAMME TIMELINE FOR PORTUGAL)

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